City Town Statistics

Gurmitkal Town Statistics 

Road Details

                                   ULB Roads(in Kms)                      PWD(in Kms)    NH
       Surface  Unsurfaced                     Total Surface Total
24Km  9Kms  14.3Kms  1.35Kms   -- 51.65Kms   - 4 Kms  4Kms  

NOTE : WBM - Water Bound Macadum, BT - Bitumen Topped, CC - Cement Concret, M - Motarable, NM - Non Motarable .

  Land Use Details

Vacant Resi - dential Commer - cial Indus - trial Transport and Communication Public Utilities Public and semi public uses open spaces Agricultural land   Others Total
 49.83% 49%  7.25%  4.85%   15%  - 11%   13% 1.5%   - 151.43% 

  Solid Waste Management Details

Total Amount of SWG per day(in tonnes) Total Amount of MSW Collected(in tonnes) No of PDB No of Vehicle for Transport and Disposal Area of Land Fill Site(in Acres) Percentage of Household Covered by Door-to-Door Collection
 8 8 3 5    Nill

  Street Light Details


Tube Light Sodium Vapour lamps Incadescent Bulbs (60W) Mercury Hight mast installation Total
890 42 281 92 16 1321



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